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Customer Value Proposition –The Basis of an Organization's Strategy

By Peter Ndaa
A common challenge for organizations is knowing when and how to shift the emphasis of their value proposition at different stages of their product or industry life cycles. Successful organizations consciously factor the need to adapt their strategy over time.


Strategic Themes - How Are They Used and WHY?

By Gail Perry
Strategic Themes are essential elements that form the foundation for a balanced scorecard. However, once the scorecard is built, the fundamental role they play is not always clear to the naked eye.

Themes of Confusion

By David Wilsey
Many practitioners find it difficult to teach their employees what a strategic theme is. Read this article to see how gorillas and Phil Collins can help.


Build Innovation Into Your Strategy

By Dan Montgomery & Gail Perry
Innovation can include both paradigm-busting breakthroughs and incremental improvements in existing products or services. Read more to see how an organization can articulate, align, and communicate how innovation fits into its overall strategy.

Evaluation of a BSC System and its Implementation

BSI is often approached by organizations that have implemented a balanced scorecard system but are not achieving the results they desire. Once your scorecard is built and implemented, how do you ensure its ongoing health and effectiveness?


How to Measure Innovation

By Mark Malinoski & Gail Perry
This is the first in a series of articles that addresses how to measure difficult concepts such as innovation.

The Ultimate Balanced Scorecard Sports Metaphor

By David Wilsey
So exactly how is the balanced scorecard like Joe Montana throwing to Dwight Clark to win the Super Bowl?


Linking Sustainability to Corporate Strategy

By Howard Rohm and Dan Montgomery
A balanced scorecard system aligned with principles of the "Triple Bottom Line" offers a way to accomplish social and environmental goals while integrating them with financial performance and competitive advantage.

Evidence of a Mature Scorecard: The Power of Alignment!

By Gail Perry
While talking to a reservationist whose job it is to answer phones and book local flights, it was suddenly clear that this person was clearly attuned to the big-picture strategy and performance of not only her organization, but of her government.


The Strategic Management Maturity Model

Many Institute clients ask a similar question: where do we stand compared with other high performing organizations in terms of strategy management? Answer: use the SMMM to assess your performance!

Strategy-Based Balanced Scorecards for Technology Companies

By Howard Rohm & Mark Malinoski
The Balanced Scorecard as a Technology Company's Strategic Planning and Management System.


Any Strategy in Your Strategic Plan?

By Howard Rohm
Is your strategic plan devoid of strategy? Read the latest article by Institute CEO Howard Rohm to find out.

A Balancing Act

By Howard Rohm
A seminal article about how to implement a Balanced Scorecard.


Sustaining New Directions

By Howard Rohm & Larry Halbach
A sequel to a Balancing Act about how to implement and sustain a balanced Scorecard.

Using the Balanced Scorecard to Align Your Organization

By Howard Rohm
Balanced Scorecards, when developed as strategic planning and management systems, can help align an organization behind a shared vision of success.


Improve Your Performance "News"

By David Wilsey
Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and breaking news email alerts, employees know that a vague acquaintance ate corn flakes for breakfast and the stock market crashed 5 minutes ago, but they have no idea how their organization is performing towards its strategic goals.

Scorecard Driving Strategy at Veolia Water North America

With a new CEO and ambitious revenue goals, Veolia NA first successfully implemented a balanced scorecard and then integrated the scorecard deeper into its organization using an e-learning tool.


Award for Excellence: AMEDD Finds Direction

The Army Surgeon General and Commander of the US Army Medical Command champion the use of the balanced scorecard as "the principal tool by which they improve operational and fiscal effectiveness and better meet the needs of patients and stakeholders."

Success Story: NMDP Turning Vision into Action

The new strategic planning effort at the National Marrow Donor Program, dubbed Vision into Action, has driven creative thinking around how to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness and get people thinking about how NMDP could more than double transplant volumes within five years!


Award for Excellence

The Institute honors Mecklenburg County, NC with an Award for Excellence. The County's focus on citizens has successfully transformed the county government and positioned it for a tough economy.

Make Performance Improvement Strategic

By Howard Rohm
Have you ever wondered if your performance improvement interventions are aligned with corporate strategy? Read this ISPI Performance Express article to find out.


Improving Government Performance

By Howard Rohm
Do your government leaders have a clear strategy? Is that strategy communicated with clarity? Do you have a disciplined way of prioritizing between competing progams and services under tighter and more strigent budgets?

Putting Out Fires (Literally) with a Balanced Scorecard

The Northwest Fire District (AZ) needed to re-create its strategic plan and decided to use the Institute’s Nine-Steps® framework in an effort ensure the plan was reflective of the needs of its stakeholders.


What is a Balanced Scorecard?

The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organizational performance against strategic goals.

What Should You STOP Doing?

By Gregg Fellows
With the economy still in "transition," many executives are cautiously thinking about strategies to recover, recapture adn rebuild. Many stalled initiatives are being funded and gaining traction. But are those re-ignited initiatives the right investments today? What should you be doing? Or, just as important – what should you stop doing?


5 Goals for the Performance Measure Practitioner

By Stacey Barr
It's time to take performance measurement and management seriously.We've wasted too many years playing around at the edges of measuring performance in our organisations.

What Should Your Company Measure Besides Financial Results?

By Will Kaydos
Most people don’t recognize that performance measurement lies at the heart of the improvements we humans have made in our standard of living in the past few centuries.


The Deming Cycle

By Paul Arveson
W. Edwards Deming in the 1950's proposed that business processes should be analyzed and measured to identify sources of variations that cause products to deviate from customer requirements.

An Archive of Helpful Government White Papers

Compiled by Paul Arveson
Most of these public domain documents were written for the US Department of the Navy Total Quality Leadership (TQL) Office around 1994.


A Process Improvement Archive

Compiled by Paul Arveson
Ever wondered what Affinity Diagraming, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams, Pareto Charts and Flowcharts are all about?

Survey Development Primer

Compiled by Paul Arveson
Many times balanced scorecard measures depends on data collected by surveys. This article includes excerpts from authorities on survey design and survey methods, providing some of the basic principles used to develop a survey for supporting the balanced scorecard.


Improve Financial Performance Using a Balanced Scorecard

By Howard Rohm
Download Howard Rohm's presentation for the Financial Executives International, the preeminent association for CFOs and other senior finance executives.

5 Steps to Find the Right Measures

By Stacey Barr
How to find the right measures is the most asked question in the field of performance measurement. And it's little wonder, because the more meaningful measures track outcomes which tend to be less tangible than the traditional things we've measured, like how many widgets we produced.




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