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Course Overview
Managing Strategy is about managing change. A strategy describes why the organization must change, how it intends to create value for its customers and stakeholders i.e.; how a set of processes will support its value proposition, and what a set of intangible assets (people and technology) will do to enable these processes. Change management enables the organization to define the new behaviors required by the strategy and the ability to mobilize and sustain the change management required to support the strategy.

The Balanced Scorecard transforms organizations by defining how an organization will create value to its customers and at the same time capture that value for its shareholders. It does this by answering the questions: Why is he organization changing? How will the organizations create value? What does the organization need to do to deliver value? People are at the heart of realizing the answers to these questions, and change management is the critical success factor that puts people in sync with the changes that take place as the organization transforms itself through development and execution of strategy. Change management facilitates human transition by answering the following questions: Why are we changing? How are we changing? and, What are we changing?

In this course participants learn how to align and integrate employees into the strategy, working together to deliver value, where there is a shared understanding of the Mission, Vision and Customer Value Proposition. Our approach is based on engaging and involving people to win their hearts and minds and ultimately change behaviors. We focus on what leaders and managers (at all levels) need to do to create a climate for action - the cultural shift to motivate, empower and align the workforce behind the strategy.




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