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Great measures focus people on the results that matter most. But most organisations don’t have great measures…
Most organisations don’t have great measures because they are still held back by the exhausting struggles people most often have with performance measurement:

  • struggling to measure a strategy that seems immeasurable with words like efficient, effective, sustainable, quality, reliability and productive
  • struggling to find good performance measures that meaningfully track results, not activity
  • struggling to get people engaged in measurement, so they buy-in and ownership of their measures to improve performance

You cannot get great measures by doing the same things you’ve always done. To get great measures, you need to stop doing the things that don’t work and use a new approach that knows about those struggles and how to avoid or overcome them.
An approach like PuMP®.

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A PuMP® In-house Blueprint Workshop, it’s all about YOU.

This workshop helps you get as much learning as you can with a relatively low time investment from your colleagues.
And we can make it even more valuable, by tailoring the workshop to your unique needs, if that’s what you wish.
Our first step will be to have a conversation ahead of your workshop to tailor the content for your purposes.
Then we send a short audio-message to your participants, to give them an orientation to what the workshop will be like, how to prepare to get the most out of it, and a chance to ask questions in advance.

Everything you need to implement PuMP® is included in the program.

Since 2005, the PuMP®Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop has been refined and improved toward the ultimate goal of making your implementation of what you learn easier, faster and far more successful than typical training workshops: A review of your current strategic and/or operational plans, existing performance measures and performance report, to customize the workshop examples and exercises so participants easily relate to the workshop and can make immediate progress on their performance measures. A Reference Workbook and Templates CD for each participant, including templates, case studies, and technique check lists that make it easier to apply their learning both during the workshop and back at work.

Lots of time during the workshop to practice applying each PuMP® step on goals and measures that are relevant to each participant, including as much one-to-one coaching as time allows. A casual and interactive learning atmosphere where participants are welcome to ask questions and share relevant experiences for everyone to benefit from.

Who should come to your PuMP® Blueprint In-house Workshop?

Executives, managers and other leaders set the direction and encourage the engagement of their staff in measuring and improving the right things. But they also need to be involved at the start, in setting measurable goals and designing meaningful measures. And they are also involved at the end, in interpreting and using the performance measures to prioritise improvement initiatives.

Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Officers facilitate the entire process of creating, implementing and using more meaningful performance measures for managers and staff throughout your company or organisation. They will ultimately become the masters of performance measurement, and custodians of the corporate-wide performance measurement system

Business Analysts and Reporting Officers work within specific steps of the performance measurement process, collating and analysing data and presenting performance information in reports. They need easy-to-follow measurement techniques that simplify what has become a very cumbersome and thankless task. They find it useful to see the end-to-end measurement process to appreciate the role they play in implementing a standardised measurement approach corporate-wide.

Project Managers, Performance Improvement Officers and Consultants use performance measurement in their day to day client work or improvement projects. They want simpler steps to save time and angst in deciding what to measure, getting the data and reporting it without fuss. 



Performance measurement is a process, not an event.

We discuss the problems with performance measurement and how to solve them by thinking about performance measurement as a process.

STEP 1: Understanding Measurement’s Purpose

Fixing the focus firmly on continuous improvement as the purpose for measurement.

We start with the PuMP® Diagnostic to help your Measures Team understand what good measurement means, and how to do it properly to avoid the most common struggles and problems.

STEP 2: Mapping Measurable Results 

Translating our strategy into clear, focused and measurable performance results.

We explore why it’s so hard to measure the right things, how to test if a strategy (i.e. your goals, objectives or priorities) is measurable enough and fix it using the PuMP® Measurability Tests, and how the PuMP® Results Mapping technique makes strategy easier to understand and measure.

STEP 3: Designing Meaningful MeasuresChoosing the most feasible and relevant measures that evidence our performance results.

We review the traditional approaches people take to selecting measures and why they fail, and then see how the PuMP® Measure Design technique produces measures that are meaningful, relevant, cost-effective and easy for people to buy-in to.

STEP 4: Building Buy-in to Measures

Getting ownership from our stakeholders, quickly, easily and engagingly.

There are some very specific reasons why people don’t buy in to performance measures which we will explore, and we’ll see how the PuMP® Measure Gallery technique can build buy-in and generate excitement for performance measurement.

STEP 5: Implementing Measures

Documenting in detail the data, analysis and reporting requirements for each of our measures.

We talk about the causes behind why so many measures are never brought to life (i.e. never get reported or used) and how the PuMP® Measure Definition technique is so useful for specifying exactly how each measure should be implemented.

STEP 6: Reporting Performance Measures

Creating useful and usable performance reports that inspire us to action.

We’ll look at why typical performance reports are next to useless, and discover how the PuMP® Report Design technique quicky and easily produces performance reports that answer the 3 questions every performance report should answer.

STEP 7: Interpreting Signals from Measures

Focusing ourselves on gaps between as-is and should-be performance.

It’s so easy to misinterpret performance measure signals, and frighteningly, most people do. So we’ll follow the PuMP® Measure Interpretation technique to make interpretation of performance measures easier, valid and incredibly insightful.

STEP 8: Reaching Performance Targets

Improving our business processes to move as-is performance toward should-be.

The role of performance measures is to improve performance more easily, quickly and economically. The PuMP® Using Measures technique shows how to use performance measures to get the highest leverage improvements.

What you’ll need to arrange…

While we take care of the delivery of the workshop (including preparation and printing of workshop materials for participants), you have the option to take care of a few things too:

  • The workshop venue (we recommend an off-site venue, because of the highly disruptive interruptions that happen when the workshop is in your offices)
  • Catering at the workshop (for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea breaks)
  • A laptop and data projector for PowerPoint and live demonstrations
  • Getting participants to the workshop.

We will send you a checklist ahead of the workshop, to help you prepare.

 The next step?

If you feel excited about having your own tailored in-house PuMP®Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop for your colleagues, simply iPMBW Booking Form and fill .

Then scan and e-mail it to us, and we’ll contact you within 2 business days to:

  • Confirm your booking; 
  • Provide a more formal quote, if required;
  • Schedule your workshop; and
  • Schedule a phone meeting to tailor the workshop examples and activities


Pricing is based on the number of people at your workshop.

The more people you have with performance measurement capability, the faster and easier it becomes to reach your strategic and operational targets. 

That’s the return on your investment in performance measurement: the speed and size of performance improvement is far greater than without the use of good measures.

If you feel excited about having your own tailored in-house PuMP®Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop for your colleagues, simply download booking form and fill .

Then scan and e-mail it to us, and we’ll contact you within 2 business days to:

  • Confirm your booking; 
  • Provide a more formal quote, if required;
  • Schedule your workshop; and
  • Schedule a phone meeting to tailor the workshop examples and activities





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